Blue Monday

So here we are in  the most depressing day in the year, oh well,here it is my first post in my blog. I see sun picking out from the clouds, I had great coffee with the friend in the morning, nothing catastrophic happened so far… might be not so bad day at all.

Other though its still winter and so fresh snow covers everything around… yes this time of the year seems depressing a bit, but hey you are in the New Year!  all that new resolutions, promises, expectations….and I need this blog to push me to do stuff, have fun with photography and things that might happened when you start doing something new…. It is that way always….isn’t it? we need a motivation, somebody or something that is going to whisper or rather scream to our ears: Come on! get going! you can do it! do something! why you didnt do this today??!! what you are waiting for??!!

Damn right, its hard be motivated to do things all the time, and I’m always asking why is that happening? Any scientific explanation for that? If you know let me know, so I know…

It took at least several days to write this post… because it is always some “but”hanging around to pop up and stop me, I’m sure you have that too, hidden somewhere…

So January, its about time to put down Christmas decorations, but I still see some lights on the houses around, as I heard it supposed to help a pizza man find the right house. 😉 Or as I think it keeps you in the happy Christmas mood longer, beside the fact you aren’t getting more presents…

Keeping Christmas spirit I want to share pictures I made of Christmas lights display in one of the city parks. I haven’t done much night photography so far, so it was new and fun experience.

Thankfully wasn’t so cold, but still 2 hours outside  making pictures made me shiver for sure, even now when I mention it I want to drink hot tea. By the way my son was warm, well he was running around (where that energy comes from) while I tried to concentrate, long exposure  photos need stability and patients… so some of those pictures I made in shorter time then planned so i had fix them a bit later in Lightroom, isnt that great… I had the tripod with me, that helped to get better pictures, not sure how steady it was when was sitting in the snow, but I survived and my gear too. Did i mention all stress moments when I thought my son was going to slide down right to the icy water…or where is he gone, when I lost him from my eyes and he didnt answer when I called him…yes that’s my world doing photos with kids around. Fun and stress.


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