Get the focus,that’s the name of blog, why? because first of all, the focus in photography is quite important. Secondly, my personal goal is that I want to focus on photography more and more and get better with it,and simply have fun with it, in the same time not neglecting my task as a mom and house manager(very important job).

The subject or subjects on pictures need to be sharp, to get your attention.

Like when you do picture of someone who just pops out sharp from blurred background.

On how many pictures focus is missed … yes it happens, it happens to me a lot when I do pictures of my kids who rather not sit still for longer time, it happens also when I do pictures of something else but kids are running around, well some of you know,not easy to be a caregiver and photographer in the same time…Auto focus might be helpful, no doubt technology is getting better, you can sharpen a bit your picture while editing also, Photoshop is getting better with newer and newer versions to help with blurred subjects.

Here is few links with tips how to take sharp pictures\

I found those ones really helpful:


Stay focus! haven’t we hear this all the time in our life. Since we are little kids. Parents nagging you: focus on eating not playing at the table! please focus on dressing up, we are late! focus what I’m talking to you, I’m not going to ask you twice!

In a school teachers telling you: focus on writing, reading, listening…etc. (but how easy is get distracted and put your head in the clouds)

Friends who ask you to focus on their problems when they ask you for advice.

An angry wife or husband who demand you to focus on the family and all chores you need to do (finally).

A boss who firmly look at you and he has written in his eyes: Focus on work!

Your kids who wants attention since they are born…and doesn’t matter how old they are they want you to focus on them. Sometimes desperately will do everything to get what they want sneaky, creative, demanding creatures(but how sweet they can be).

“Focus” its everywhere.

But life is life not always we are focused… and not always sharp pictures is what we want. Blurry might be interesting. And composition, is what our eyes catch.

I found this photographer Josh Sim, his pictures give certain mood.

Here are another interesting pictures, showing motion blur of dancing people using long exposure time.

When I see those I want to dance…

But “don’t blur” and stay focus for my next post.

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One thought on “Focus

  1. Have a nice journey with your blog Kate. Help people with photography and have fun with it.
    A litlle etymology on the word photography :
    It comes from the Greek word “φωτογραφία” witch consist of the words “φως” witch means light and the word “γραφή” witch means writing. Fact that sows as how important is the illumination in photography.
    An other aspect of the photos is the focus, and as with the light, we can play with it.


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