Color me…but watch out I’m easy to break

One time we went to the ceramic store for the kids party. That’s the place where they have lots of ceramic things like plates, mugs, teapots, and many different figurines etc…They all plain so you can choose some and you have to paint it. Later they fire it and make shiny and ready to use it so the paint wants come of. Sounds exciting but I was a bit horrified  to take my little one there…. And in the top of that I decided to take my camera. The Camera, lots of kids, my little guy and lots of ceramic and paints…. you can build up some disaster story from that. Can you imagine all the mess that could happen? Broken ceramic, my little guy sipping dirty water from the cup where paint brushes are washed or licking the paints as he likes to try new tastes and then him covered with all the paints he wanted to taste… As it could be great story I can make pictures of, looking from the parent side wasn’t so exciting at all. But luckily two adults vs little guy worked ok and nothing bad happened, other though he had a taste of paint brushes.  My older son had fun and even though he isn’t great painter (as I of course should say he is great painter just to build up his confidence and encouragement, I should always remember to be perfect mom, shouldn’t I)  he could expressed himself on mug he chose to paint. And we had fun do some some silly pictures together.

Here are some pictures I made, and luckily my camera came back home without any paint on it 😉

So too be not bored looking at regular pictures I did. I decided to play with them in the Photoshop, I mostly just used some fun filters.

Here are results before and after:


And few on which I used filter Poster edges, so it looks like comics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A little quiz waiting for you on my FB page.


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