Hit the frustration once, she is going to hit you twice

Whenever things are going to the point when I want something so badly, but nothing works to get it, whenever I feel all the windy road can’t be straighten, whenever whatever I do it’s going nowhere or always wrong direction, whenever I open Pandora box, and can’t close it. Whenever love is not happening, whenever there is nobody I can lean on and cry on the shoulder. Whenever I don’t know what’s black and white, and I can’t find my pink glasses to look through. Whenever kids are not listening and husband don’t care. Whenever the glass is empty and I can’t fill it up. Whenever I’m lost and can’t find the way. Whenever I didn’t sleep enough because I have too much stress.Whenever I think someone I liked is gone without the word of truth.  Whenever nobody cares how I feel and I cover my tears behind fake smile. Whenever I’m tired of everything and I need keep on running. Whenever I do something because I have to do but I don’t like to do at all. Whenever I have regrets and mind is full of dissatisfaction and disappointment. Whenever promises are broken and there is not much reasons to smile. Whenever I loose someone forever….Whenever I made bad decision and can’t make step back. Whenever I feel I didn’t try hard enough, whenever I think I missed the chance. Whenever dinner is burnt and  time is wasted. Whenever there is always the reason to complain….
I just want to stand up in front of the mirror and do this…


Yes, stick  tongue out, and lay it out…

Than breathe…

and cry


Be angry


Be sad...

kreacja 2

You know, Life is life…

So just hang in there and don’t give up!


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