Low light photography fits my budget.


I’m looking through the internet and there are lots of stunning pictures, amazing views, perfect settings, beautiful people, good light  and perfect focus. And then I’m thinking I want my pictures be the same…and I’m frustrated… they might not be. But wait a second I realize that most of those pictures where made by professional photographers who have their assistants, helpers, hair stylists, make up artists, great expensive equipment, studios, they have money and time to travel around to find places for amazing pictures. Most of the pictures are manipulated in programs and they sometimes far different from original RAW. Those  photographers have patient models who are paid to be like a dolls which you can set and dress up in many different ways.

Well then,  I don’t earn much money, because while I’m  learning do perfect pictures, I’m not being paid… . On the other side we all know competition in that field is so big. You have to be creative and good at what you are doing , if no you can still be a photographer but doing probably just passport pictures, everyday the same and same. The time when you put people standing still together and do picture is gone.You still going to do those ones… but no doubt life is more demanding, photography is much more demanding. Even if you try to do photography as a hobby, its not a cheap one…. Better do crafting from reusable things. Photography equipment, editing software etc.  cost so much money  and still people want pictures for free…While you really not giving sweater you knitted, picture you painted, decorations you crafted for free…. unless its a gift,it seems so easy to do pictures, right, just few minutes and you have at least few…. But if you truly a photographer you know that to master the picture you have in mind you can spend hours, days or even years! Like this man who finally after few years got the picture!

Lighting and rainbow

Following my thoughts, I like low light photography because I can use just one flash, flashlights,  Christmas lights, night lights and I can shape my object with those lights in interesting ways. It gives the mood, its creative, sometimes the pictures might have some noise because of higher ISO but still the effect is nice.

Because I don’t hire a model, even though you can arrange some models for free. Its convenient to  use a models I have at home, even if they are not so cooperative sometimes…

Here are  some pictures I had fun to make. Definitely I’m going to do more… Imagination doesn’t have a limit.





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