The Blind Box

The thought that poetry and photography coexist well together is sitting in my mind for while…. Words describe a picture and the picture illustrate the words. When we read something we always imagine  what kind of a picture would go with that. The words are bringing some memories, a moments captured  in our mind, they create a vision of something and put in front of our eyes. The word can exist without the picture, the picture can speak for itself,  but when they are put together it’s like putting spices to the food, it tastes better.

When I saw invitation for duet writing I decided back to the poetry and try. With NEKNEERAJ we created:

The Blind Box

I’m trapped in a cold, blind box,
Four square-walls without an exit,
I bang my head trying to escape,
It’s hard to touch the Sun without sweating,
I need warmth, but I’m scared of burning.

I wear scars, all over my heart,
I’ve been brutally cracked, I’ve been split,
I want to be found, desperately,
But I’m scared to my bones, because I know
It’s harder to find love without hurting.

I’m tired of this trap,
I feel so brittle
That I shake on vibrations of my own heartbeats,
I know what I want,
Yet I’m skeptical to my very needs,

Ablaze, I long for resuscitation,
The repercussion of being broken is unbearable.
I wish I could jump through this hell,
Break through its deadly spell,
But I’m trapped… yeah, I know
Only dreams can set me free.

I’m scared to be loved again,
Yet that is exactly what I want.

Written by NEKNEERAJ and Kate Kobryn

in the fire 2



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