Is that your child on the top of the roof?

Bocian w Kanadzie? Tak, ale tylko blaszany na dachu.

na dachu 5


In my home country you know if its Spring time when you see White storks coming back from Afrika,  in Canada the only stork I found was this one on the top of the roof.

White stork

I let my child sit in the top off the roof to meet the stork … well at least  on the manipulated picture, I’m not such a crazy mother to do it in real, unless it is top of the roof of a dog house.

I’m not a Photoshop master but I like this simple composite picture…

How was made: After I cut the child from other picture and put him on the roof in this picture.

IMG_5187 1



I add Filter- Render- Lens Flare on the left corner,

then I wanted to add sun beams so I used Render -Clouds,

and then Blur- Motion Blur and I located the center on the upper left.

To warm up the picture I used Photo Filter (I picked some yellow tone ) from Image Adjustments.

 Happy Easter Monday!





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