Like Little Red Riding Hood wandering in the forest

I had recently a nightmare that I had been on an airplane which crashed in the middle of the forest. Luckily everyone survived, but we had to walk through the wild and endless forest. Soon enough wildness showed it power and  black bear came out of nowhere right in front of me. I was struggling with him…. Only in the dream I had any chances…

According to the Dream book:

A forest or the woods in a dream may represent the unconscious.
  • The saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees” comes to mind which means that you can’t see the big picture because you are concentrating on the little details; you may be unable to see or understand what is right in front of you; or it may be an indication that you are lost in details or focused on one thought or problem.
  • May symbolize a fear of the unknown or unseen.
  • Woods in a dream may also represent fertility, life, renewal and the spiritual aspects of yourself.
  • Being lost in a forest or the woods in a dream may symbolize being lost or confused — you need to trust your instincts to find your way out; or you may be exploring your unconscious to “find yourself”.
  • Finding your way out of the woods may suggest you are “out of the woods” or “in the clear” in some dangerous or critical phase of a situation in waking life.

The wild forest born by the mother nature, its something beautiful and  peaceful. We go for walks there to have a break, to bond with amazing nature, to shut off our busy minds  where they only can absorb sounds of the birds and rustle of the leaves. The forest has a dark and mysterious side too,  there is hidden wolf who is lurking for a Little Red Riding Hood, a bad witch in the wooden cabin waiting for Hansel and Gretel, and there are wild animals  that might step on your way uninvited…

I went to the forest with my camera I haven’t meet the  Little Red Riding Hood, but if I couldn’t meet one, I could make one to meet…that is the beauty of changing reality in pictures.

Before                                                                                After


Wandering in the forest…

IMG_9379-2 mniejsze

IMG_9382 mniejsze

IMG_9387 mniejsze

IMG_9400 mniejsze

IMG_9421 mniejsze

IMG_9431-2 mniejsze

IMG_9442 mniejsze

IMG_9446 mniejsze


kladka mniejszeIMG_9453 11 mniejsze 2


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