Am I crazy enough to be a mother?- in a kids world

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I still remember the time when weren’t any kids in my life… well maybe kids in family I could see, play, look after a bit and return, big letters RETURN, and don’t worry any more. Hardly to believe now that it was such a time, when there was nobody wanting to steal my time during the day and at night, there was nobody crying, screaming and  suddenly with stubbornest pulling my hand or shirt. The only thing I had to carry was my purse, backpack or shopping bags, no little body hanging on my hips or lying in my arms.  I took care of myself only myself. I went where I wanted, when I wanted and wherever I wanted with nobody wandering around my legs. I could eat without a rush and didn’t have to care that somebody was going to complain  about the food, spat the food out or threw it on the ground without any remorse. I could watch adult movies even in the middle of the day, have a nap, I could swear loud and nobody listened it. I lived in an adult world! Still with all that time and freedom I had  I think I wasted it a lot…when now  there is no time to be wasted.

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I remember one time I was sitting and listening some lecture on the university, and then the professor said that he didn’t like kids, he didn’t like to  be around them at all, because kids world was different then adults, the way of thinking, and seeing and understanding world so vary  that it was so hard for him to deal with it…

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Being a parent lets me discover kids world again and from different perspective then being a child, and I’m learning every day something new, as all kids are not the same,  and yes, its true I can’t sometimes completely understand the way of thinking….

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Anyway, I like going into fun and creative child’s live. I love to photograph it  too. I know how fun for them can be tear the toilet paper in pieces and pretend that is a snow…(even though its a mother’s nightmare). How exciting is climb on the table like its a high mountain and stand there admiring the view from there. There is no better music than banging on a pots, pans, lids and containers. Nothing taste better then rocks, sand and a plastic wrap after something, like there is no food in a fridge… There are the best chefs, cooking stew from a mud, baking pies from a sand, and making salad from grass, leaves and flowers. They are the best artist making colorful pictures on the walls, because they can not  express it all on paper…. They wash their hands in the toilet bowl, as it makes more sense, its much lower then a sink and less complicated to use it.  They also tent to throw things in there, to check if they will float or sink, its called learning science….They like something and next day they don’t….I try to be patient. They not always say please and thank you, and I’m not teaching them to always do, because just say it when you really mean it. They sometimes mad, not happy about small things, that’s normal, life is not perfect, we are mad, unhappy, disappointment….They not always have to sit nicely by the table and eat, do we adults always do that? Yeah, kids world….Some might say, I spoil them to let them to those things, I think I just let them live in their child’s world but which doesn’t last long…but in a meantime preparing them for adult’s life.

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