Mom, mummy, mother, mama,mutti…

Being a mom it means that you had the privilege to  carry another human insides you, who used your body to grow, develop and forever will be a part of you.  With all the happiness  and blessing of being a mom, there are sacrifices: lack of sleep, lack of your time, lack of patience, responsibility to take care of them, to raise them, to deal with them…. Lots of feelings and emotions involved, from love, friendship, satisfaction, pride, fascination through disappointment, sadness, stress, frustration, anger… There  will be  many nice  surprises and many worries but for sure being mom makes you stronger, powerful, makes you tough.Being a mom it is a long journey…

I’m not going to write nothing new…as being a mother hasn’t  changed for ages.

I was able to got on pictures few happy mother’s moments I want to share.

Happy Mother’s Day!

mama z synkiem12 mniejszeMisoon and Misha 2 mniejszez mamaIMG_9621 11 mniejszeIMG_8962 mniejszeIMG_8002 mniejszeIMG_3832 mniejszeIMG_2001 mniejszeIMG_1880 mniejszeIMG_0004 mniejsze

IMG_6206 mniejsze

IMG_6769-2 mniejsze


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