“Fency”change in the picture

Sometimes not predictable,  it comes in my mind  one of the pictures I did…

The picture of the girl with the horse, the one I didn’t perfectly plan it happened.

Because lot of times you can’t get what you want you take what you can. It is very true especially when you take pictures of kids.

It sounds like a typical maybe a bit boring  picture, the girl with horse, but the “thing” was the fence.Doing it right there was no option there to get inside and stand by the horse. Of course  there are  opportunities somewhere to do that, but we were there in that moment.  A bit chilly, just few more pictures on the end. I took this one, and I love the girl’s face on it. I had looked on the picture and decided to try this out, remove the fence in PS. I thought its not going to be so bad, as the horse its more in the background and its blurry, the same with the  grass. I used spot removal tool and patch tool. It took some time to remove fence piece by piece, few times in the same spot to make it smooth. To finish this up I warm up the colors on the picture to have the feeling of nice, warm, afternoon in the Fall time.

misha z koniem 2


misha z koniem mniejsze



Slightly change of reality  on  pictures my add something more to the picture, make it better, more interesting.

Some more  examples here:

Sebek pedzi mniejsze 2Sebek pedzi mniejsze

Adding impression of more speed, movement.


more sun 2more sun

Adding more sun to brighten up the picture.


More interesting examples to see:





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