Being awarded

It came such a time, when I felt special. For the moment I could  forget about my worries and other things in my mind and came out of the shadow of my average life.


I was awarded:

Digital portrait Honorable mention

Digital portrait Winner

Digital monochrome runner up

Digital monochrome Winner

Photo of the Year


I admire people they made lots of effort sometimes for beautiful, perfect, well set pictures, where everything is so great arrange and preparation for the picture took long time, including make up, gadgets, lights  etc. And then time used for the session and then editing…

Those are my winning pictures,I didn’t arrange models, those are my sons. Skinny, I just used flashlight  and for the background I used cover sheets for painting with random splash of paint on them. We had a fun and great time together doing that pictures. He likes modelling, he likes helping me  with pictures and now he asked me for a camera for his birthday present …

Second picture I just took it on a  walk outside.  I went with my son to the park, I grabbed my camera, I didn’t plan anything special, just to take some pictures of him while he is playing.  Be honest those tears aren’t because of sadness, even though they look like. It was just cold or windy and those tears appear on his face because of that.

I’m not famous, very experienced photographer who look and know how to set lights, how to use certain equipment, who knows every photographic gear, and all tricks and ways to do pictures. Sometimes I don’t know what the heck I’m doing…  but I do it! I learn, I share, I try, I admire others, I enjoy, I have fun,  in the same time work hard to get better, I live my live, and try stay positive.

Recently I read that photography is like a sex, if you don’t have feelings even technique is not going to help. Well said 😉





3 thoughts on “Being awarded

  1. Congrats for winning the contest, I guess that the most valuable gift of all is having those two adorable kids. Anyway it is very nice (wonderfull) practicing your hobby and receaving credits on that.


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