Can’t go back in time but…

There are many moments in the past where we would like to go back, thanks to the photography we can keep them not only in memory.  We look on pictures that were made some time ago and they bring all those moments. I like to go through some pictures…and discover the ones I thought I will leave it but then after second look I  actually decided it  might be worth to edit them. Like this picture.

Sebek swiatlosc mniejsze

Also I like to go back to some of them, just to have fun and edit them different way, or use them for Photoshop projects. There are many possibilities.


skaczmy do gory jak kangury mniejsze


freedom 2 mniejsze

With so many pictures sometimes its easy to forget about some of them. Organizing them is the key,of course, of course….never ending story.

That is how photography change through all those years. It used to catch the image of reality, then it grew in many directions, from realism through abstract, symbolism etc. From the time when it was rare and special thing, not many could effort to the time when is sometimes overuse and its everywhere and easy to access. With great development of photography equipment, lots of options in photography open. We can see details of little bug, see the map of stars, admire amazing places we cant visit, follow events we wouldn’t be able to attend. That’s why I like photography.




One thought on “Can’t go back in time but…

  1. For some of us photography is a very interesting and pleasing hoby, one of the few valiable ones we can have. It`s a lucky thing that we hapen to live on that bluming of thechnology wich gives us so many options, in fact in our times we are only limited by our imagination. I agree with you that we manipulate reallity in deferent ways every time we are doing it in our photo hundling programs. I think that depends on our mood of the specific time we are doing it. As a conclousion we can say that capturing the beauty of the moments of this rare thing that is existance, is something that may have, in the end, somekind of value, and that is what we are aiming and hoping.

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