Because a school is not about a picture with an apple.


When I have looked through the  social media for the last few days full of pictures of kids going back to school, I thought as a photographer I should probably stand by the school and offer to do professional pictures of kids, along with an apple for each child, as apple is a must for back to school photo sessions.It might be great business idea…


Most of parents are excited that their kids are going back to school, some of them will save money on daycare, some will have more time for themselves,  peace and quiet home(lets have a party during the day!). Other might think that its exciting  and important moment for kids to start school or back to school  after summer. Am I happy to see my kid going back to school? Well, summer fun together will be gone, days will get colder and shorter…and mornings wouldn’t be so lazy anymore.  I was observing  him as he was walking in the building… with a little a bit of sadness and  mixed feelings.

He is out of my sight, I know he is big boy now… I’m not all his world anymore, he needs to explore life and learn things, he needs to  socialize,  get to know people, coexist with them. Yes,  he might find beautiful friendship there, but also might meet not nice people, he will be exposed to hate, and bullying, disrespect and misunderstanding. He will learn the life is not perfect,that might have to do things because you has to not necessary because he likes to….and he might have to deal with lots of things  by himself. He will find out that not everybody likes each other, and  we aren’t the same, he have our own opinions, thoughts, likes, dislikes. I encourage him to do the best, stay creative, stay strong, be himself and don’t worry about small things.  I believe in him, but I’m not jumping  from excitement, I didn’t do pictures with backpack… The school system is not perfect… I read the letter what is expected from the child, what achievement he should meet, all those rules, tables, points.lists….I feel overwhelmed,it just rattle  in my head:  they will put him in the box.

Ok, I might be just an overprotective, different  mom… I also know that school is a part of life from which good memories came from. It might be meeting the teacher who’s going to be your role model, who inspires you, maybe the the friend who will be your lifetime friend, maybe all the fun you can share with others,maybe those  simple chats everyday about everything and nothing.


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