Remembering people that they now only exist in our memories…


Today is November 1st, known as All Saints’ Day. It’s celebrated in some countries.

In country were I came from that day is very special and very nostalgic. We visit graves of the people who passed away, we bring flowers, we light up candles, we pray for their souls. That’s the day we try to stop for a moment  our busy lives and think about those who aren’t any longer with us here.

In that day I want to think about my friend, who just passed away few months ago. She died way to early….She still exist on social media, she still likes my blog, I still can read her comments, our chats… She still smiles on the pictures I took of her.

As there is no grave I can visit here, and I couldn’t be on her  funeral, I did my own ceremony, one of the summer’s mornings.  I took my camera to do some pictures at sunrise by the beach.

She liked my pictures, and she told me that I should continue running around with camera.

She said that photography that is something for me!

My friend, I’m not planning to stop photography,  its just sad I wouldn’t do any pictures of you anymore.

Today I’m pointing my camera towards  Heaven, and I’m sending my prays there.




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