Perfectly non still-to photograph with kids

Recently, beside  its still cold winter, I went few times for a walk alone. Why is so special?  Common thoughts about walking are that supposed be relax,  easy time for your mind, good exercise…Most of the times  I’m not alone but with kids, so here is how I see it:


That’s how its look like. My eyes should be all around my head, my voice is getting tired from scolding, yelling and constantly calling my kids. I like the idea that they have active time outside, but sometimes two more hands will be great to have it or longer hands to reach them. Now, lets take a camera and do some pictures while on a walk with them…like I don’t have enough stress already.By the way, you have to see my face when my friend asked me once to do the pictures while we outside with kids…

Well, I still do pictures of kids outside, because first of all, would be nice to have some nice pictures of your own kids, secondly I do hoping to snap some good picture somehow…and pictures outdoor is something you can’t make in the studio. Unless you do them inside then Photoshop them nicely, yes, some people can do amazing things  with  editing images. But going back to scene: me chasing kids with the camera outside. Those pictures might be  not perfect images, with amazing, unique props, perfectly set, with great light.I see many of those… and I always think: wow great! That was possible to do with kids, somebody did it…(note:most of the time  with a help of  the Photoshop and other programs). Which it is a bit dangerous, because that might convince some parents, that it is possible  to do with their kids in every photo session and photographer can do magic plus he/she can hypnotize your child to do whatever he/she has in his/hers mind for a perfect picture, and of course photographer is not going to charge a lot for session…because what is the big effort just to do few pictures of their kids, right?!

Beside the efforts and mental exhaustion  while attempting photo session with kids,  sometimes it’s fun and almost everything works nicely. Like those ones, when kids wore clothes I want them to wear, even hats stayed on their heads, and they carried picnic basket patiently around, and the place was great.


So some says it’s hard to stick what’s planned while doing photography with  kids, but I’d say its good to have some plan and vision, and just keep in mind  that it might not work exactly what is planned, so be elastic and try to catch what’s unexpected. Candid moments are priceless. If you just one team photographer and mom its like working two jobs in the same time, despite  its a challenging, there are some benefits, your models are always right here, and you know what expect from them ( forget about straight line from picture on the beginning). Editing images later  that’s  the stage of relax and reward.



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