What is it beside Photoshop

As a busy mom and photographer, I stick to things I know already, as its no time to get to know all the software, plug ins, the newest equipment…. would be actually interesting to have a job as a tester and reviewer of those things. So  getting knowledge on things that interest me  and working in the same time  might be something to look for…

Anyway it got my interest when  I spot that article comparing Sketch to Photoshop.



I thought, I even dont know much other software for editing pictures…

Sadly I’m not a Mac user so cant try this program out, but curious what other think?

Is Photoshop still ” the King”?

I dig it more to look what others people recommend for photo editing . I might try other options just to see, what different tool might be use for editing images.Is it easier for use, can you get other results…





So some of them are free, some not.

What else you recommend?

Just to not get overwhelmed with all those programs, still the most important thing is have good photos in the beginning to work with and have creative ideas for what you want to do with them. Although exploring new tools might bring new ideas to live for getting beautiful images.



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