Red poppies and Twin Peaks

There is a little hill which I pass almost everyday while driving and around this time of the year the patch of red poppies blooming nicely at one spot. No doubt red poppies are very popular objects to photograph among purple lavender and  bright yellow sunflowers.Jealous about those pictures I wanted to have pictures with red poppies in my collection.

For the last 2 years I’ve kept saying to my son that we should do photo session there… and then always was something, either no time on the late afternoon or  bad weather, and those flowers don’t last long.

Finally this year it did happened. Some photo projects wait on the shelf before you can realize them. It was a bit challenging as the spot  was close to the busy road and the flowers were growing on the slope of the hill. So we climbed there, our clothes got covered with little green balls with small hooks like a Velcro which sticks to clothes so easy but not easy to remove, anyway not sure what exactly it was.

So I was able to get decent pictures like this one:

IMG_8473 mniejsze

Then a bit different idea popped out. Few days ago I saw some photo contest, theme: surrealism which link in my mind to the tv series Twin Peaks. The show got back now after 25 years and as a fan I watch it. I like David’s Lynch movies, but sometimes I watch it and I’m asking myself if I even  know what kind of a strange thing I just saw it. That’s surrealism I guess. I always think what kind of crazy ideas Lynch have and how that is created in his head, well he has a special talent.

I haven’t really try to do such a images unless they kind of happened. So inspired by that theme and influenced by the mood of Twin Peaks  I thought about those pictures I did with red poppies… and I decided to manipulate it a bit to create more surrealistic picture. Its kind of a rule for me when I manipulate an image, especially when I work on it  in the late evening, to see it on the next day and think what can be improved or change. I usually see something.

Anyway here it is result.

surrealizm 3 mniejsze




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