How long takes to do newborn photo session

IMG_8105 ex small

While you watch cute and creative babies’ pictures made in some photo studio, you think just put sleeping baby in the setting and its done. While its true that newborns don’t go anywhere and sleep a lot…but they can wiggle a lot before that happens and quite a bit of effort has to be done to make the picture happened.

First of all, ahead of time, setting has to be choose, probably few settings ready and easily to change. Setting basket or baskets, little beds, pillows, pails etc  ready with comfy lining in it with blankets along, flowers other props. Picking clothes, hats, head bands making sure they clean. Thinking about concept and  having all the gadgets needed kind of in arms reach and the background set. So there is a bit of work that needs to be done before even shooting and everything takes time…

IMG_8060 small

Then other factor is to figure out lightning, reflectors, what to use, where it should be set the best, of course that it might change few times during session, its better to have idea in mind and know how set them the best according to expected results. That means practicing  it before, unless you super experienced already….

Cute babies pictures might not happened so quick as you planned… as babies need to be feed sometimes quiet often, need diapers change,  need time to get calm and fall asleep deeply. No wonder it might take 2 hours to get few pictures with few different settings changed.

And it might be even more effort and time if you decide to do session outside and need to bring things along with you.

stroller small

When I look on wonderful, cute and interesting props other photographers use for newborns I would like  to have them all… Would be  nice always to have the most unique and the cutest  things ever … but true it will be hard to store them all and a bit of money to get them, and that list might be endless…

Whats happening more often now,  its good to  improve Photoshop skills so you can use variety of digital backdrops offered online and other photos with props and gadgets.

After shooting, your job  is not over, its time to clean up everything, it might get a bit messy when you dig up for different outfit  or cant decide which blanket will work the best. Then time for  editing, more relaxing but need to work under pressure as exciting people are waiting for results and you dont want to wait them too long, babies are growing fast…




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