Perfectly non still-to photograph with kids

Recently, beside  its still cold winter, I went few times for a walk alone. Why is so special?  Common thoughts about walking are that supposed be relax,  easy time for your mind, good exercise…Most of the times  I’m not alone but with kids, so here is how I see it:


That’s how its look like. My eyes should be all around my head, my voice is getting tired from scolding, yelling and constantly calling my kids. I like the idea that they have active time outside, but sometimes two more hands will be great to have it or longer hands to reach them. Now, lets take a camera and do some pictures while on a walk with them…like I don’t have enough stress already.By the way, you have to see my face when my friend asked me once to do the pictures while we outside with kids…

Well, I still do pictures of kids outside, because first of all, would be nice to have some nice pictures of your own kids, secondly I do hoping to snap some good picture somehow…and pictures outdoor is something you can’t make in the studio. Unless you do them inside then Photoshop them nicely, yes, some people can do amazing things  with  editing images. But going back to scene: me chasing kids with the camera outside. Those pictures might be  not perfect images, with amazing, unique props, perfectly set, with great light.I see many of those… and I always think: wow great! That was possible to do with kids, somebody did it…(note:most of the time  with a help of  the Photoshop and other programs). Which it is a bit dangerous, because that might convince some parents, that it is possible  to do with their kids in every photo session and photographer can do magic plus he/she can hypnotize your child to do whatever he/she has in his/hers mind for a perfect picture, and of course photographer is not going to charge a lot for session…because what is the big effort just to do few pictures of their kids, right?!

Beside the efforts and mental exhaustion  while attempting photo session with kids,  sometimes it’s fun and almost everything works nicely. Like those ones, when kids wore clothes I want them to wear, even hats stayed on their heads, and they carried picnic basket patiently around, and the place was great.


So some says it’s hard to stick what’s planned while doing photography with  kids, but I’d say its good to have some plan and vision, and just keep in mind  that it might not work exactly what is planned, so be elastic and try to catch what’s unexpected. Candid moments are priceless. If you just one team photographer and mom its like working two jobs in the same time, despite  its a challenging, there are some benefits, your models are always right here, and you know what expect from them ( forget about straight line from picture on the beginning). Editing images later  that’s  the stage of relax and reward.



Its just from the phone

Hey mobile users, I would like to introduce my special glove.


Really handy when you want to use a phone, texting or making pictures while its cold outside  and you don’t want to take your gloves off 🙂

Doing pictures just by using mobile device became very popular nowadays as lenses and applications on the phone became better and easier to use.

Lots o people don’t bother to buy camera when they can easy use just phone. Its is very convenient, as  its always with you, in your pocket or bag. Simple grab it and snap the picture, without thinking about all those settings, buttons etc. After all its easy to connect and share on social media.

Even photographers do pictures using just a phone, as some situations won’t happened again and you not always carry all camera gear around ( yes that dream might come true when gear will be simpler, smaller, lighter and  quality of pictures stays the same).

photo by me 20161125_100853

As images from the phone became popular, there are some contests organized and even you can try to sell images. The quality of pictures don’t  matter so much if you just sharing them online with friends or do small prints.

Of course not  all pictures are the best, and its harder to get very good one just using a phone  but I think the key for good mobile photography is to have good eye for the composition and light as also steady hand (unless you carry little tripod wit you all the time, then you probably have quite big pockets :-)). As we can’t  manipulate aperture and  time of exposure ( well you can buy some lenses you can attach to the phone) you  have to  be in the right spot in the right moment.

Here  as some good tips

Moreover there are lots of applications that you can use to edit the pictures, right on your phone and make them better or more interesting. So why not have fun and play with images.  When I was a kid I even haven’t imagine that technology would be like that. I thought about photography as a quite complicated process, with films and all those things happening on the dark room, but now my kids can do it so easy.

I would like to share here more nice pictures from  my phone ( which is few years old, so not so amazing like new ones). Those images weren’t edit at all.





The trigger of the past

As I was playing around with pictures, while I was working on this picture I realized that the image reminds me of something… This might not be very appropriate comparison, because I know that I shouldn’t  compare Jesus do anybody else, but the picture brought me back memory of  the not very artsy and fancy but important painting from my grandmother house. It was a painting of Jesus sitting on the top of the mountain, he was looking on the city below on the peaceful evening. I didn’t know the story behind this picture, which must came from the Bible, but I always thought  that he was above everything what was going on in the city…and I wondered what he was thinking about..


Putting  my model in such a spot I thought that we all need such a moments to  meditate while  looking on the nice view and sitting above everything.

As I come from very religious family I always think about religion a bit differently.  I’ve never like to go to church to repeat over and over again the same  prayers, without thinking, as I had them memorized. I always like to contemplate while  reading meaning of statues, pictures, rituals in the church.

I was kind of  amazed and in the same time  not impressed  how people are following those religious routines without thinking just because they were taught that’s what is right to do, how they were attached to  religious paintings, statues and other saint things. As I remember such a painting like my grandmother has it was obligatory in every house, and usually one wasn’t enough. Those pictures even if their artistic value wasn’t high was something that was sacred and they were bringing God to their homes.

photo:Michał Zieliński


I have to say there is digression  between generations, I don’t continue those traditions, habits, rituals involved religion… I’ve tried just to make parents a bit happy….but my vision is to have God in my heart non picture necessary for that. Even tough I upset my parents they still try to change it and force me in to it… for example by sneaking religious pictures to my home. Well,  those pictures don’t mean what my mom thinks they might  mean to me, they actually don’t remind me about God and to be more  religious, but remind me about my mom, that she does this because she loves me…and what she was taught by her parents. That reminds me about grandparents, those moments I spent in their home. They remind  me how life looked like in the past on the country from where my family came  and those things I would like to  remember and  pass to my children so they can sit look on the city below, think about life,  look forward to the future but don’t forget about past they come from.



Merry Christmas

Not writing much here As I’m busy not necessary with photography, but this one too, how come not to try catch Christmas mood on images.

Cooking, cleaning, reorganizing my space…yes my space I have been working for the last month, space I can use as my small photo studio. It might be not high end, not perfect, not wow! But I did it by myself, I worked on it by myself, scraping wood, smoothing it, painting walls, yes, apparently even woman can do it, even photographer can do it, even blond can do it haha. It just feels good to achieve goals like this, make it step forward working hard. So I want to say to myself Merry Christmas, yes Merry Christmas to me and everyone else!



Showing the beauty of woman and enjoying the photography- photographer from Poland/ Pokazując piękno kobiety i czerpiąc radość z fotografowania-fotograf z Polski


Poland is one of the European country, situated between the Baltic Sea in the north and two mountain ranges (the Sudetes and Carpathian Mountains) in the south.

The name “Poland” originates from the name of the tribe “Polanie” which means “people living in open fields”. Poland  has been invaded or has fought for freedom in insurrections 43 times from 1600 to 1945. We survived.

One of the famous polish people is Pope John Paul II also known as Karol Wojtyla(1920-2005). He was the only Polish Pope to date and served the second longest. Other well known people are:

-Marie Curie or Maria Sklodowska (1867-1934) was the first and only Nobel laureate in two different sciences and first female professor at the Sorbonne University.

-Polish born astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543) was the first person to propose that the earth was not the center of the universe.

-Polish astronomer, Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687) published the earliest exact maps of the moon.

-Famous musical composer Frederic Chopin was Polish

-The writer Joseph Conrad (born Teodor Józef Konrad Nalecz-Korzeniowski, 1857-1924)

-The cosmetics industrialist Helena Rubinstein (1871-1965)

-Lech Wałęsa, who got Nobel Peace Prize in 1983

-Roman Polański, great director and actor

If you want to learn polish language, well its difficult language to master for non-native speakers especially with its tongue-bending pronunciation, complex gender system and other grammar issue.

That’s not the only trouble you might have in Poland. The biggest section of any grocery store in Poland is the candy section, the variety and taste of offered sweets are amazing. Also its hard to resist from eating delicious cakes and The “Paczki” Polish doughnut.  So be careful if you worry about your weight while visiting Poland.

One of the places worth to visit is Wieliczka Salt Mine or “Kopalnia soli Wieliczka” build in the 13th century, one of the world’s old salt mines still in operation until 2007. It is also referred to as “the Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland” due to its three chapels and an entire cathedral carved out of the rock salt by the miners and placed on the UNESCO list of the World Heritage Sites in 1978.

The best souvenir you can have from Poland is amber which transported along the Amber Route from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic coast for over 1000 years.

I’ve keep doing interviews with photographers around the world but finally it’s time to talk with photographer from my home country. Somebody I’ve known  personally for few years.

Between Tatry mountains and Baltic Sea I met  Adam Laube:

How long have you been doing photography, what made you to take interest in photography?

I’ve been doing photography since I was 18 years old.That exactly happened when I got first camera on my birthday. My friend who also has interest in photography convinced me to start it. Soon after that I won photo competition and that was the point I thought that I might be good as a photographer.

Winning competion definetly can give motivation. Is photography your hobby or occupation?

I would say photography is hobby that allows me to earn money. Photography gives my life a sense, helps me in self-development  and create world seen through my eyes. I can show my vision of reality, that reality which might not be seen by the people I photographed. The reason of that  is we see ourselves different then somebody might see us.

That’s true we all have subjective point of view for reality and photography. I look on your pictures and see that most of them are portraits, is that what you like doing the best? Any other kind of photography do you like?

That’s true portraits is something I like the best. People are fascinating,  they can change depends on situation and moment in life. That’s why I like photo journalism too.

As we speaking about portraits, do you prefer working with kids or adults?

Doesn’t matter to me, in my opinion it all depends on experience, but usually I work with adults more.

If you can share, what kind of equipment do you use?

Well mostly I use camera, haha. But if we talk seriously, I consider what kind of effect I want to achieve and what equipment I need for that. Most often I use Nikon and I’m  in love with prime lenses, I like them because I think they give better quality of images and most often aperture  is wider which gives better bokeh.Those details you might not see on internet as resolution is smaller but you can see them very well on larger prints.

When you work with models, do you agree that with some  its much easier, like they can read in your minds and with some its just not working well…?

Yes, that’s true with some there is that ‘chemistry’ and I’m able to do what was planed and even more. But sometimes even if model and photographer are experienced that doesn’t guarantees successful session.

As a male photographer do you think its hard to keep the distance towards female model during session?

Well I tried to be professional, am I always…you should ask my models, haha.

As I follow your profile on FB I can see that you have lots of fun during your photo sessions. Which one do you think was the best?

I think every session is interesting and every is different. Various  locations, people, situations so it’s hard to chose which one is the best. All of them are important for me, as I put lots of efforts, and heart in my work.


As an active photographer you attend  workshops, courses, which one do you remember the most?

Not only one but quite a few were interesting, those ones organized by Jurassic Photographic Workshops. I’ve learnt a lot, had fun during them and got amazing pictures.

As we talk about working outside, how do you prepare to a photo session outside and how in studio?

Its all about planning ahead, I think first about concept and then gather everything I will need to bring idea to life. For an outdoor session I usually  check the place earlier and of course I check the weather. I have to adapt to those conditions and use them the best.

Where do you find inspiration for your images?

I talk to people, I look on pictures everywhere:  internet, magazines. Sometimes inspirations  come from art, movies… everything might inspire, you just have to find the way to show it on images, for me mostly on portraits.

Sounds interesting, I’m looking forward wait to see more of your work, as we speaking about, what’s your plans for future in photography?

My plan for future is simple, do pictures and don’t give up.

To conclude, if you can share your advice for beginners in photography?

Don’t worry about criticism, continue your way, learn and create.


Polska jest jednym z krajów europejskich, usytuowanym pomiędzy Morzem Bałtyckim od strony północnej i dwoma pasmami górskimi (Karpaty i Sudety) od południa.

Nazwa “Polska” pochodzi od nazwy plemienia Polanie, co znaczy ludzi mieszkających na otwartym polu. Polska była obiektem napaści innych krajów  i musiała walczyć o wolność 43 razy w okresie miedzy 1600 a 1945 rokiem. Mimo trudności, przetrwaliśmy.

Jednym z najbardziej znanych na świecie polaków jest papież Jan Paweł II (1920-2005). Jedyny jak dotąd papież pochodzący z Polski i jako drugi, który sprawował tą funkcje najdłużej.

Inne znane osoby z Polski to:

-Marie Curie or Maria Skłodowska (1867-1934) była pierwszą i jedyną jak dotąd laureatką nagrody Nobla w dwóch rożnych dziedzinach naukowych, jak również była pierwszą kobietą profesorem wykładającym na Uniwersytecie Sorbona,

-polski astronom Mikołaj Kopernik (1473–1543)był pierwszym, który wysunął tezę, że to nie ziemia jest centrum wszechświata,

-inne wybitny polski astronom Jan Heweliusz (1611-1687) opublikował najwcześniejsze znane dokładne mapy księżyca,

-wybitny kompozytor pianista Fryderyk Chopin,

-znany pisarz Joseph Conrad (prawdziwe nazwisko Teodor Józef Konrad Nałęcz-Korzeniowski, 1857-1924),

-znany potentat firmy kosmetycznej Helena Rubinstein (1871-1965),

– Lech Wałęsa,  laureat pokojowej nagrody Nobla(1983),

-Roman Polański, znakomity reżyser i aktor.

Nauka języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców może być prawdziwym wyzwaniem, w związku z trudną wymową na której można sobie połamać język, jak również złożonym systemem wyróżniania rodzajów żeńskiego, męskiego i nijakiego i innymi gramatycznymi zawiłościami.

Język polski to nie jedyny problem jaki może pojawić się przy okazji wizyty w Polsce. największa sekcja w typowym polskim supermarkecie jest sekcja ze słodyczami, gdzie można przebierać w wyborze różnych pysznych słodkości. Jak również trudno oprzeć się smakowitym ciastom, ciasteczkom i pączkom. Także, jeśli martwisz się o swoją wagę, może być ciężko trzymać dietę będąc z wizytą w Polsce.

Jednym z miejsc, które warto zwiedzić jest kopalnia soli w Wieliczce, zbudowana w XIII wieku, jedna ze starszych kopalni wydobywająca sól do do 2007 roku. Podziemna katedra w kopalni,  wyrzeźbiona w solnych skalach została wpisana w 1978 roku na  Listę Światowego Dziedzictwa UNESCO.

Najlepszą pamiątką, jaką można zabrać z Polski jest bursztyn, który był transportowany bursztynowym szlakiem od Morza Bałtyckiego po Adriatyk przez ponad 1000lat.

Po wywiadach z fotografami z różnych stron świata, wreszcie nadszedł czas na fotografa z mojego rodzinnego kraju. A jest to ktoś, kogo znam osobiście od kilku lat.

Gdzieś pomiędzy Bałtykiem a Tatrami spotykam Adama Laube:


Jak długo zajmujesz się fotografią i co spowodowało, że się nie zainteresowałeś?

Fotografuję od 18stego roku życia. Nawet dokładną datę można przybliżyć, wszystko zaczęło się gdy dostałem aparat właśnie na urodziny. Namawiany przez przyjaciela, który też jest pasjonatem fotografii szybko złapałem tego bakcyla. Wkrótce potem wygrałem konkurs co tylko mnie utwierdziło, że nie tylko sprawia mi to przyjemność,  ale i jestem w tym dobry.

Wygrana w konkursie na pewno jest sporą motywacją. W jaki sposób fotografia jest związana z Twoim życiem, czy jest ona Twoją pracą czy hobby?

Ujmę to tak, fotografia to pasja, która pozwala mi zarobić. Nadaje sens każdemu dniu, pozwala się realizować, tworzyć i pokazywać świat widziany moimi oczami.Tak właśnie ją widzę, jako pokazywanie pewnej rzeczywistości. Rzeczywistości, która często jest niedostrzegana przez tych, których fotografuję. Powód tego jest prosty, postrzegamy siebie i innych przez pryzmat własnych doświadczeń, a kto inny może dostrzegać zupełnie inne wartości, które są w nas.

To prawda, każdy z nas ma subiektywne spojrzenie na rzeczywistość i na fotografię. Oglądając Twoje zdjęcia, nie sposób nie zauważyć, ze przeważają w nich portrety, a więc jest to Twój ulubiony rodzaj fotografii? Jakie po za tym fotografie wykonujesz?

Tak, fotografia portretowa jest moją ulubioną dziedziną fotografii.Fascynują mnie ludzie i to jak się potrafią zmieniać w zależności od sytuacji i danego momentu w życiu . Dlatego,  też zajmuję się reportażami.

Co do portretów to  wolisz pracować z dorosłymi niż z dziećmi?

Myślę, że to kwestia doświadczenia, częściej jednak pracuję z dorosłymi czy to w ramach reportażu czy sesji portretowej.

Opowiedz, jaki sprzęt najczęściej używasz?

Najczęściej aparatu, haha. A tak na poważnie to dostosowuję sprzęt do tego co chcę uzyskać i na co będę miał czas. Wszystkie akcesoria, obiektywy a nawet aparat dobieram tak aby uzyskać zamierzony efekt. Aktualnie najczęściej używam aparatu cyfrowego Nikon. Mówiąc o obiektywach to muszę wspomnieć, że jestem zakochany w obiektywach stałoogniskowych. Wybieram je ze względu na jakość obrazu, które mi proponują. Oprócz tego często są jaśniejsze i dają możliwość zwiększenia rozmycia. Tych różnic często nie widać na zdjęciach prezentowanych na internecie,gdzie rozdzielczość i jakość jest mała. Na wydrukach bardzo często widać bardzo wyraźnie różnicę w jakości zdjęć.

Jeśli idzie o sesje z modelkami, czy uważasz,że z jednymi osobami łatwiej się pracuje, można porozumieć się bez słów, że tak powiem czyta w Twoich myślach, wszystko idzie gładko ….a z innymi ta współpraca wychodzi trochę gorzej?

To zawsze tak jest, że z jednymi łapie się tą “chemię” i na sesji wychodzi wszystko co było zaplanowane a nawet więcej. Często doświadczenie wszystkich stron nie rekompensuje tego jak idzie współpraca. Efekty sesji gdzie wszystko gra są piękne i co najważniejsze odczucia po sesji wszystkich uczestników są takie same.

Czy z punktu widzenia mężczyzny fotografa pracując z płcią piękną trudno czasem jest zachować dystans?

Co do dystansu wobec modelek, które fotografuję… staram się być profesjonalny, ale najlepiej pytać modelek ,  czy zachowuję dystans czy nie, haha.

Śledząc Twój profil na FB widzę, że sesje fotograficzne są dla ciebie często dobrą zabawą, jaka była najciekawsza z sesji jaką do tej pory udało Ci się zrobić?

Każda z sesji jest ciekawa, bo każda jest inna. Inne okoliczności, ludzie i miejsca, patrząc na to nie mogę wybrać tej naj. Wszystkie sesje są ważne i w każdej zostawiam kawałek serducha i ciężkiej pracy, więc do wszystkich czuję lekki sentyment.

Jako aktywny fotograf na pewno uczestniczysz w rożnych kursach, warsztatach, który zapadł Ci najbardziej w pamięć?

Może nie jeden warsztat zapadł mi w pamięć, ale cała ich seria połączona z plenerami a to dzięki ich organizatorom. Mówię o Jurajskich Warsztatach, które jak dla mnie przyniosły dużo wiedzy, ale przede wszystkim, a co dla mnie ważne dużo radości i zabawy. W takich warunkach o naprawdę fantastyczne efekty bardzo łatwo.

Jak już rozmawiamy o pracy w terenie, jak byś  opowiedział  o różnicy pracy w terenie a pracy w studio. Jak się najlepiej przygotować do obu?

Podstawą w obydwu jest przygotowanie się pod względem merytorycznym czyli inspiracji i tego co chcemy w ogóle stworzyć. Potem dochodzą kwestie praktyczne jak sprzęt, oświetlenie, obiektywy, blendy. W fotografii plenerowej często odwiedzam wcześniej miejsce gdzie mają być zdjęcia, sprawdzam pogodę na dany dzień. Warunki pogodowe i krajobrazu to w tym przypadku rzeczy, które trzeba nauczyć się akceptować i wykorzystywać.

Skąd czerpiesz inspiracje do zdjęć?

Inspiracje do zdjęć wychodzą z rozmów z innymi, z przeglądania zdjęć, oglądania albumów i magazynów. Do niektórych sesji inspiracjami były obrazy lub filmy. W pewnym sensie wszystko może być inspiracją kwestia tylko tego jak to przełożyć na to co chcemy zrobić, czyli w moim przypadku na portrety.

Jakie masz plany na przyszłość związane z fotografią?

Plan jest prosty, robić dalej zdjęcia i nie przestawać.

Kilka słów dla początkujących fotografów:

Nie przejmujcie się krytyką, idźcie swoją drogą, uczcie się i przede wszystkim twórzcie.

Remembering people that they now only exist in our memories…


Today is November 1st, known as All Saints’ Day. It’s celebrated in some countries.

In country were I came from that day is very special and very nostalgic. We visit graves of the people who passed away, we bring flowers, we light up candles, we pray for their souls. That’s the day we try to stop for a moment  our busy lives and think about those who aren’t any longer with us here.

In that day I want to think about my friend, who just passed away few months ago. She died way to early….She still exist on social media, she still likes my blog, I still can read her comments, our chats… She still smiles on the pictures I took of her.

As there is no grave I can visit here, and I couldn’t be on her  funeral, I did my own ceremony, one of the summer’s mornings.  I took my camera to do some pictures at sunrise by the beach.

She liked my pictures, and she told me that I should continue running around with camera.

She said that photography that is something for me!

My friend, I’m not planning to stop photography,  its just sad I wouldn’t do any pictures of you anymore.

Today I’m pointing my camera towards  Heaven, and I’m sending my prays there.



Mom got a score for getting the Halloween Costume


The Fall is very exciting and colorful season, the sound of crunchy leaves when you walking, yellow, red, orange, brown leaves  sprinkled over the roads or  shaking with distinction  on the trees blown by wind. Woolen warm sweaters and comfy leggins, orange round pumpkins settled in front of the stores. Its nice and gently way of saying good bye to the summer and slowly bow to welcome winter. Its beautiful time to do photography outside.

The Halloween crowns all the beauty of the season, after that we step in to more gloomy November which we would like to skip just to be closer to the Christmas mood.

I went to the store to look for Halloween costumes for kids, not really hunt for them like crazy till I find the One, but just get over it and find something nice in affordable price. Luckily, alone visit in one store and I got it. Then I just had  the thrill if they will become kids approved…. I picked up my son from school and told him, that I got great Scooby Doo costume for him, I knew that he likes that cartoon. And I anxiously waited for respond…then it happened. His face didn’t look happy, he didn’t thank me, and I just heard complains, how he is going to look as a dog… and all those unhappy expressions…. So all my excitement was gone, but I  felt it still might the light of the end of the tunnel.

So after we went home, I told him if  he could at least have a look on the costume. And then after few minutes we was gone in his room.Miracle happened, he came to me said that he loved it! Ha! I was just standing there confused and amazed…

Kids always are going to surprise you. The same when you plan to do pictures with kids, never know how it will turn out. Its good to have some plan…but then amazing might happened not planed and in the moment you not expect.


Are you ready for Halloween?

The photography world nowadays, are you frustrated enough to be in it?


I’m sitting here in a washroom, with the dye on my hair,perfect quiet place, the moment when you have to sit and do nothing. I’m  tired after hard, long day at work. Finally kids are sleeping, dishes are not piling up in the sink,wash machine is on, toys are still everywhere but a little a bit of chaos doesn’t bother me much, its actually pleasant normality. And tomorrow all the same again, I know sounds boring. I try to keep up, write more, write something good, do photography, learn more, be creative…. and then nothing….my tired head its empty, my bank account is empty, and its hard to squeeze a minute to even think about being more creative. I’m finally sitting on the evening and what I see: all those amazing videos people showing things they made with simple stuff, see those wonderful pictures, art, those  ideas…those techniques! I read great stories when words just are put so good together. Great photographers, journalist, graphic designers, artists, bloggers,looks like  they have time, they manage do Things, they are so creative. Then I’m getting so overwhelmed with  all those things in Internet, so much…its too much.I’m hitting the wall asking myself,  can I create something new, unique, can I have different ideas then other people….  the world is just so demanding nowadays. Being out there in a cyber world can makes life easier, but can be so frustrating. I’m sometimes actually amazed by the people who are absent in the Internet, they don’t bother to exist here, hard to believe is possible… They are probably some great artist who are doing their art, hidden from world, although they might not discovered at all, but with so many of them on Internet, you might not be discovered at all either, feeling like a little leave in the forest.

I have such a days, that I’m scared to turn on the laptop, see all popping emails, notifications….advertisements, because then I’m lost in those…and my time is lost.I feel like I’ve been pulled in few different directions, and then I really don’t know where I’m going.  What’s truly the best to do, what should I do first…on what I should concentrate more?!

Thinking about photography, when there are millions of photos out there, lots of great photographers, I see next wonderful image and I’m asking myself, not only probably me,   Can  be anything else different done in photography? Can be something unique that will give me 1milion views?

You trying out ideas, you playing with the lights, searching for unique models, unknown places, new techniques, equipment…how far can you go? how far is worth to go? do you want to just please yourself or try to still impressed people who are fed up with nice images on Internet, magazines, etc.?

I asked that question to myself  when I saw this idea

Some might think: well new interesting idea, other will thing new idea, but isn’t that a bit too much… some will thing this is just disgusting.

That reminds me other picture on which people have split opinion,newborn baby lying on mom, her scarf after c-section is exposed.

so should we exposed so much?

Another example on the controversial art in my min, where real dead human bodies where used for the exhibitions:

Is that profanation of the human body, or might be excused that was used for educational reasons?

Then other trend I call “pictures on the edge” when people want to do the best selfies ever in dangerous places or situations.

The list is getting longer…

So how far you will go to achieve the best picture? how creative you can be?

Some strange, different ideas for pictures involved models, some of them are well paid for posing… but then still the sacrifice and working conditions are sometimes quite extreme:


fot.Alicja Kondracka

Again in my head appears that sentence: the world is getting more demanding, photography world is getting more demanding. Should that stop you from getting pictures, because they might not be winning pictures of world wide competition, they might not be shocking or amazing enough? No, don’t stop,forget about that jungle, do just what you like, relax, and think that creative ideas are just waiting around the corner, or perfect capture is just going to happened, and being a master or expert in  something doesn’t happening in one day…

Just enjoy your photography, whenever you can, even  doing simple nice picture of child,   think, mother is  going to look on it often with a smile…






Because a school is not about a picture with an apple.


When I have looked through the  social media for the last few days full of pictures of kids going back to school, I thought as a photographer I should probably stand by the school and offer to do professional pictures of kids, along with an apple for each child, as apple is a must for back to school photo sessions.It might be great business idea…


Most of parents are excited that their kids are going back to school, some of them will save money on daycare, some will have more time for themselves,  peace and quiet home(lets have a party during the day!). Other might think that its exciting  and important moment for kids to start school or back to school  after summer. Am I happy to see my kid going back to school? Well, summer fun together will be gone, days will get colder and shorter…and mornings wouldn’t be so lazy anymore.  I was observing  him as he was walking in the building… with a little a bit of sadness and  mixed feelings.

He is out of my sight, I know he is big boy now… I’m not all his world anymore, he needs to explore life and learn things, he needs to  socialize,  get to know people, coexist with them. Yes,  he might find beautiful friendship there, but also might meet not nice people, he will be exposed to hate, and bullying, disrespect and misunderstanding. He will learn the life is not perfect,that might have to do things because you has to not necessary because he likes to….and he might have to deal with lots of things  by himself. He will find out that not everybody likes each other, and  we aren’t the same, he have our own opinions, thoughts, likes, dislikes. I encourage him to do the best, stay creative, stay strong, be himself and don’t worry about small things.  I believe in him, but I’m not jumping  from excitement, I didn’t do pictures with backpack… The school system is not perfect… I read the letter what is expected from the child, what achievement he should meet, all those rules, tables, points.lists….I feel overwhelmed,it just rattle  in my head:  they will put him in the box.

Ok, I might be just an overprotective, different  mom… I also know that school is a part of life from which good memories came from. It might be meeting the teacher who’s going to be your role model, who inspires you, maybe the the friend who will be your lifetime friend, maybe all the fun you can share with others,maybe those  simple chats everyday about everything and nothing.

Add a digital make-up

I’m not a make up artist, although as a woman I’m pretty good with make up I guess. Well my model didnt have much make up on her, and I didnt want to put to much on her, but I wanted to see more colors on her just for one picture…so I had fun with brushes in Lightroom, then I  smoothed everything nicely in Photoshop, and there we go digital make up ready.

IMG_1128 make up 2 mniejsze