Once upon a time there was a potato

potato crazinezz

Recently I saw the news about the picture of potato that was sold for about 1.6milion$.

I was pretty amazed and surprised, who knew that picture of simple potato can be so expensive. Apparently it can!

Businessman buys portrait of a potato for $1.56m

Anyway that fact inspired me to take a challenge and do pictures of potatoes and see what is going to happened…So here it is my fun with potatoes:

ziemniak 3

My potato star:

ziemniak the starIMG_8467IMG_8474

Alien potato 😉ziemniak super starIMG_8394IMG_8462IMG_8413IMG_8403IMG_8465IMG_8409IMG_8399IMG_8361 ziemniak 3IMG_8367


Want to know more about potatoes?

About potatoes

Apparently potatoes are so popular that there is even special museum…

Potato museum

Digging in the Internet I even found that some people are trying a potato diet.

There is one man who decided to eat only potatoes through the whole  year.

It might be kind of boring diet and not so healthy but indeed very cheap, he claimed that it costs around 5$ a day. If you wondering about the potato diet:

Is a potato-only diet good for you?

If you don’t have enough of potatoes and all the reading about them makes you hungry, here is yummy recipe to try:

Polish potato pancakes recipe

Do you have better pictures of potatoes? Post them on the Get the Focus FB page.