Lightroom presets


I thought I might share links to some free Adobe Lightroom presets:

You can get from this page:

There are few you may like here:

(click on Pobierz presety

Next few:

If you don’t have  Adobe Lightroom yet, you can get free trial for 30days and have fun playing with pictures.

It might look complicated in the beginning but if you just want to use some presets it won’t be so hard.

To get the those presets on Lightroom, after you unpack them and have Irtemplate files, you have to be on Develop menu (second option on the top menu),

then you have to find on right side bar menu:



User Presets

and right click Import presets,

find Irtemplate presets and import them

then you will have list of them on your Preset menu, to try them out get the picture you want. To get the pictures in Lightroom, go to:


choose Import Photos– find source and import them.

Once you imported them to Lightroom, you can play with presets and see the effects (simple click preset and see what happens, if you want undo go to Edit and choose Undo Preset).

When you want to save the picture go to:


choose Export

and then you will have options to choose like:  in which folder you want to save picture,

if you want to rename picture, resize or put watermark.

I used few presets on this picture: