When you need a sun

I got this cute picture of my little boy, I love the outfit, pose of the model is nice, I like the place… but well didnt scored so good on some evaluation…

DPA,Kate Kobryn,The Little Bear

I thought why dont I play around with this picture to change something to be more Something…

I looked at it and thought maybe a sky was a bit boring, and usually warmer picture gives overall better feeling. So I add sun and made more looking like a sunset.I made it more magical, dreamy… I splashed the sunbeams and make him feel that sun and  to be touched by that  warm light.

sloneczny marcel logo mniejsze

So what you think about this change?


What is it beside Photoshop

As a busy mom and photographer, I stick to things I know already, as its no time to get to know all the software, plug ins, the newest equipment…. would be actually interesting to have a job as a tester and reviewer of those things. So  getting knowledge on things that interest me  and working in the same time  might be something to look for…

Anyway it got my interest when  I spot that article comparing Sketch to Photoshop.



I thought, I even dont know much other software for editing pictures…

Sadly I’m not a Mac user so cant try this program out, but curious what other think?

Is Photoshop still ” the King”?

I dig it more to look what others people recommend for photo editing . I might try other options just to see, what different tool might be use for editing images.Is it easier for use, can you get other results…





So some of them are free, some not.

What else you recommend?

Just to not get overwhelmed with all those programs, still the most important thing is have good photos in the beginning to work with and have creative ideas for what you want to do with them. Although exploring new tools might bring new ideas to live for getting beautiful images.


Add a digital make-up

I’m not a make up artist, although as a woman I’m pretty good with make up I guess. Well my model didnt have much make up on her, and I didnt want to put to much on her, but I wanted to see more colors on her just for one picture…so I had fun with brushes in Lightroom, then I  smoothed everything nicely in Photoshop, and there we go digital make up ready.

IMG_1128 make up 2 mniejsze





Can’t go back in time but…

There are many moments in the past where we would like to go back, thanks to the photography we can keep them not only in memory.  We look on pictures that were made some time ago and they bring all those moments. I like to go through some pictures…and discover the ones I thought I will leave it but then after second look I  actually decided it  might be worth to edit them. Like this picture.

Sebek swiatlosc mniejsze

Also I like to go back to some of them, just to have fun and edit them different way, or use them for Photoshop projects. There are many possibilities.


skaczmy do gory jak kangury mniejsze


freedom 2 mniejsze

With so many pictures sometimes its easy to forget about some of them. Organizing them is the key,of course, of course….never ending story.

That is how photography change through all those years. It used to catch the image of reality, then it grew in many directions, from realism through abstract, symbolism etc. From the time when it was rare and special thing, not many could effort to the time when is sometimes overuse and its everywhere and easy to access. With great development of photography equipment, lots of options in photography open. We can see details of little bug, see the map of stars, admire amazing places we cant visit, follow events we wouldn’t be able to attend. That’s why I like photography.



“Fency”change in the picture

Sometimes not predictable,  it comes in my mind  one of the pictures I did…

The picture of the girl with the horse, the one I didn’t perfectly plan it happened.

Because lot of times you can’t get what you want you take what you can. It is very true especially when you take pictures of kids.

It sounds like a typical maybe a bit boring  picture, the girl with horse, but the “thing” was the fence.Doing it right there was no option there to get inside and stand by the horse. Of course  there are  opportunities somewhere to do that, but we were there in that moment.  A bit chilly, just few more pictures on the end. I took this one, and I love the girl’s face on it. I had looked on the picture and decided to try this out, remove the fence in PS. I thought its not going to be so bad, as the horse its more in the background and its blurry, the same with the  grass. I used spot removal tool and patch tool. It took some time to remove fence piece by piece, few times in the same spot to make it smooth. To finish this up I warm up the colors on the picture to have the feeling of nice, warm, afternoon in the Fall time.

misha z koniem 2


misha z koniem mniejsze



Slightly change of reality  on  pictures my add something more to the picture, make it better, more interesting.

Some more  examples here:

Sebek pedzi mniejsze 2Sebek pedzi mniejsze

Adding impression of more speed, movement.


more sun 2more sun

Adding more sun to brighten up the picture.


More interesting examples to see:




Like Little Red Riding Hood wandering in the forest

I had recently a nightmare that I had been on an airplane which crashed in the middle of the forest. Luckily everyone survived, but we had to walk through the wild and endless forest. Soon enough wildness showed it power and  black bear came out of nowhere right in front of me. I was struggling with him…. Only in the dream I had any chances…

According to the Dream book:

A forest or the woods in a dream may represent the unconscious.
  • The saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees” comes to mind which means that you can’t see the big picture because you are concentrating on the little details; you may be unable to see or understand what is right in front of you; or it may be an indication that you are lost in details or focused on one thought or problem.
  • May symbolize a fear of the unknown or unseen.
  • Woods in a dream may also represent fertility, life, renewal and the spiritual aspects of yourself.
  • Being lost in a forest or the woods in a dream may symbolize being lost or confused — you need to trust your instincts to find your way out; or you may be exploring your unconscious to “find yourself”.
  • Finding your way out of the woods may suggest you are “out of the woods” or “in the clear” in some dangerous or critical phase of a situation in waking life.

The wild forest born by the mother nature, its something beautiful and  peaceful. We go for walks there to have a break, to bond with amazing nature, to shut off our busy minds  where they only can absorb sounds of the birds and rustle of the leaves. The forest has a dark and mysterious side too,  there is hidden wolf who is lurking for a Little Red Riding Hood, a bad witch in the wooden cabin waiting for Hansel and Gretel, and there are wild animals  that might step on your way uninvited…

I went to the forest with my camera I haven’t meet the  Little Red Riding Hood, but if I couldn’t meet one, I could make one to meet…that is the beauty of changing reality in pictures.

Before                                                                                After


Wandering in the forest…

IMG_9379-2 mniejsze

IMG_9382 mniejsze

IMG_9387 mniejsze

IMG_9400 mniejsze

IMG_9421 mniejsze

IMG_9431-2 mniejsze

IMG_9442 mniejsze

IMG_9446 mniejsze


kladka mniejszeIMG_9453 11 mniejsze 2

Is that your child on the top of the roof?

Bocian w Kanadzie? Tak, ale tylko blaszany na dachu.

na dachu 5


In my home country you know if its Spring time when you see White storks coming back from Afrika,  in Canada the only stork I found was this one on the top of the roof.

White stork

I let my child sit in the top off the roof to meet the stork … well at least  on the manipulated picture, I’m not such a crazy mother to do it in real, unless it is top of the roof of a dog house.

I’m not a Photoshop master but I like this simple composite picture…

How was made: After I cut the child from other picture and put him on the roof in this picture.

IMG_5187 1



I add Filter- Render- Lens Flare on the left corner,

then I wanted to add sun beams so I used Render -Clouds,

and then Blur- Motion Blur and I located the center on the upper left.

To warm up the picture I used Photo Filter (I picked some yellow tone ) from Image Adjustments.

 Happy Easter Monday!




Is the red color responsible for bringing attention to pictures?/ Czy czerwony kolor na zdjęciach przyciąga do nich uwagę?

Why The Color RED Made Me a Better Photographer

Kent DuFault in the article  was wondering why some pictures might be more attractive then the other, and noticed that pictures with something red on them may bring more attention. Well no doubt color red was chosen for stop traffic light or stop sign. According to the tests that’s the color who brings attention the most, and  is used a lot in advertisements. Red is the color of love, in Chine well know as color of happiness and success. Is the color who is assimilated with  emotions like anger, bravery, vitality, confidence and of course love.

Kent Du Fault w swoim artykule zastanawiał się dlaczego niektóre zdjęcia mogą być bardziej atrakcyjne niż inne, zauważył on, ze zdjęcia z czymś czerwonym mogą przykuwać bardziej nasza uwagę. Bez wątpienia kolor czerwony został wybrany kolorem światła stopu w ruchu ulicznym, czy znaku stopu. Według rożnych badan kolor czerwonym jest tym kolorem, który przyciąga nasz uwagę najbardziej i jest bardzo często wykorzystywany we wszelkich reklamach. Czerwony jest kolorem miłości, w Chinach utożsamiany z kolorem szczęścia i powodzenia. Jest kolorem bardzo naładowanym emocjonalnie i kojarzy się z takimi emocjami jak złość, odwaga, witalność, pewność siebie i oczywiście miłość.

About red color

Well, with the intuitive feeling I chose red color for my headline of my blog, and there is red color on my banner picture as well. Is that bringing attention? I think it looks more powerful and somebody wrote  that I look like a successful woman on this one.

Intuicyjnie wybrałam czerwone litery do tytułu mojego bloga, a także jest trochę czerwieni na moim zdjęciu w banerze. Czy to przykuwa więcej uwagi? Według mnie bardziej zawraca uwagę i jak to ktoś określił, oto kobieta sukcesu.

A teraz zobaczmy wersje biało czarną:

Let’s see black and white version:

IMG_8323 blog bw

I co myślicie? So what you think?

A few pictures on which I’ve changed the color:

Oto parę zdjęć w których zmieniłam kolor, możecie sobie porównać.

  Before                                                                                After

I think red one brings more attention, red heart on cement makes more contrast for sure.And heart is always assimilated with red color so its more obvious for us to see it red,isn’t it?




AfterIMG_0938 red pants

The Red overalls stand out in the second picture, it definitely brings more attention and vitality to this picture. But I have the feeling that disturb calm mood and harmony on the picture.





mama sweterek

mama szary

So on the second picture I add more red and on the third picture I removed red. Color can change impression of the picture, I have to say that I like original picture the best, a little splash of red gives contrast to pastel colors around and gives some energy to the portrait of woman who has very bright skin and light color of hair.

The red sweater on the second picture is just too much, beige color of the sweater tone red just to give the right balance.While changing red into gray tone the picture too much, removes positive energy out of it.

Have to say that changing colors it’s quite fun, reminds me of recently popular coloring books for adults, with the difference that is digital.

I co myślicie o zmianach kolorów na zdjęciach?

Na pewno zmienia to owe zdjęcia, wywołuje inne wrażenia.

A tak poza tym to ciekawa zabawa, jak popularne ostatnio kolorowanki dla dorosłych, tyle ze w wersji cyfrowej.

A tutaj linki pokazujące jak zmienić kolor obiektów w rożnych programach:

Helpful ways how to change color of objects in programs:

Tutorial Photoshop CS6 – How to change the color of an object

Change Color in Photoshop: Three Simple Ways

Change the color of an object

Change the color of an object in Lightroom

Controlling Selective Color Changes in Lightroom

how to change color of an object in Gimp